Ultimate VMware vSAN Specialist 2022 exam study guide – 5v0-22.21 to get Certified!

vSAN Specialist certificate badge 2022

All you need to know to pass the vSAN Specialist (5v0-22.21) exam in this study guide

If you’re planning on getting you vSAN Specialist badge, you’ve probably run into the same problem I had. There is not much information available what you can use to learn for this exam.


The VMware vSAN Specialist exam is still based on vSAN version 6.7 so keep that in mind when learning especially when learning limitations.


I am lucky that we use a lot of the advanced vSAN features in our customer environments so I was already pretty familiar with most of the features. But what I can highly recommend is that you have an home lab on which you can deploy a nested ESXi cluster on what you can configure vSAN and try all of the features out. This is something what for me not only helped with learning for this exam but also for developing skills in general. I will be posting a blog in the future about my home lab.

What I always do is I take a test exam before I start learning. This is a good starting point to see where you stand. Also you can use all the questions you got wrong to find out and test in your home lab. But don’t just don’t learn this practice exams and take the exam! 


The resources i used where the PDF’s available on docs.vmware.com. specially the ones below:

It’s important that you learn all the requirements and limitations of vSAN like for example the network latency requirements in a vSAN cluster between site and witness, bandwidth requirements, cache disk sizing ect.

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