About Me

Hello, My name is Robert de Rooij. I am 22 years old and living in the Netherlands. I am currently working at CAM IT Solutions. After school I started working at a small IT company of about 10 employees. I was able to lay a very good foundation here. The activities were very diverse, so I managed Active Directory, Firewalls, network, Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Veeam, SQL, Storage and more. Along the way I noticed that my interest was mainly in the back-end of IT. So virtualization, networking and storage solutions. After working there for 3 years I noticed that I was ready for more challenges and more complex systems and an employer where I could really specialize in the virtualization part. March 2022 I started at CAM IT solutions, which specializes in Cure and Care based on VMware products and Citrix. To this day I learn new things every day.

My certifications